Longsys and SD-3C LLC Signed SD Memory Card License Agreement  and Strategy Cooperation on Market Rights Maintenance SIGN  


ag真人反水比例Longsys held a press conference in Zhongshan on September 20, 2019, announcing the 10-year SD Memory Card License Agreement with SD-3C. Under the terms of the agreement, SD-3C has granted Longsys a royalty-bearing patent and trademark license to develop, manufacture, and sell SD and microSD memory cards worldwide.


The companies also announced that they have agreed to cooperate regarding SD-3C’s enforcement of its’ intellectual property rights in China.


ag真人反水比例“As a motivated company, Longsys is always leading the SD memory card markets in China and elsewhere,” said Huabo Cai, its CEO. “Longsys takes intellectual property rights seriously, and is pleased entered into this important agreement with SD-3C. A license from SD-3C will on one hand stimulate the investment on developing new SD memory card products of Longsys, on the other hand also brings even more advantage to Longsys while we are expanding domestic and overseas market. Longsys is interested in cooperating with SD-3C regarding to the implementation of its license program in the Chinese Market, building and maintaining a fair and competitive environment and orderly market with all the SD card and SD host manufacturers”.


“SD-3C is committed to the success of its licensees in China as they continue to grow their businesses. We are pleased to welcome Longsys into the family of licensed SD and microSD card manufacturers,” said Jim Brelsford, SD-3C’s President. “We look forward to working closely with the Longsys companies, to enforce intellectual property rights in China, and to benefit consumers of technology-leading SD and microSD memory cards.”


About Longsys

ag真人反水比例Established in 1999, Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd is a technology-based brand company, who focuses on NAND flash memory applications and memory products customization and storage software development, with its own Foresee brand which deep cultivates the industrial market and the high-end Lexar brand which concentrates on the consumer market. By the aid of the unique DMS (Design, Module, and Service) service system, Longsys always able to provide excellent memory products with high quality across the world.


About SD-3C LLC

SD-3C LLC was founded in 2001 by Toshiba Memory Corporation (a spin-off of Toshiba Corporation), Panasonic Corporation and SanDisk LLC (formerly known as SanDisk Corporation), three world leaders in Flash memory. Since then, it has licensed the essential patents, trademarks copyrights and design patents pertaining to SD and microSD memory cards throughout the world, helping to expand the memory card market to the benefit of consumers globally.

CFMS 2019 | Longsys: The key to the development of storage brand platform

At the recent concluded China Flash Market Summit 2019 (CFMS 2019), Longsys debuted many new products of high-end consumer storage brand Lexar and embedded storage brand FORESEE, creating a superior experience;

ag真人反水比例Mr. Cai Huabo, Chairman of Longsys, was once again invited to attend and serve as a guest speaker. In the speech entitled “Promising Chip-based Storage”, he talked about the current status of Chinese storage brands and how to break prejudice and achieve all-round development.

Where there is the market, there is development

Looking back at the brands and market share in China’s mobile phone market a decade ago, foreign brands represented by Samsung and NOKIA were dominant, with a comprehensive market share of upwards of 50%, while Chinese brands were nonexistent. By 2019, Chinese brands have a 90% market share, while the share of Samsung and NOKIA has shrunk to merely 1% or so. In a short span of ten years, China’s mobile phone manufacturers have started from scratch and risen rapidly, which shows that “market = development space” and demand leads the market.

China is the world’s largest storage consumption market. The chip import volume has been rising for ten consecutive years. In 2018, China imported 417.57 billion chips, a year-on-year increase of 10.8%. The import value reached US$312.058 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19.8%. But in this huge market, there are fatal problems in our storage products and storage brands: product supply fluctuating in line with the market, brand management and sales of products with a trade mindset, profits before quality, lack of innovation for products, brand logo as a tool of premium, lack of spirit and connotations… Brands are borne inevitably with “congenital defects” in such an environment.


Product is the soul of brand, quality is the lifeblood of brand

In the face of the market conditions and keen competition, enterprises can only survive and thrive through the quality of products. What Longsys is doing and will continue to do in the future is to develop innovative storage products with outstanding performance, providing the quality of products beyond the expectations of users and putting it on a par with international storage brands.

Longsys implements total quality management and carries out consumer, industrial and vehicle-grade management according to three categories of high-end storage, standard storage and flexible storage. A storage industrial park is built in Zhongshan to realize chip-level wafer and post-package modular testing. Lexar high-end storage data center is built. The same capacity cloud storage space is launched simultaneously with Lexar high-end storage products. We create quality factories and software factories, and show the results in product quality.


High-quality new product release, dual brands in the storage market

Lexar and FORESEE brands debuted many high-quality new products, showcasing Longsys’ technical strength and brand spirit for the visitors.

By breaking through the XQD limit, Lexar developed CFexpress independently. It has the same appearance but a read-write speed several times higher and a lower price. Moreover, Lexar PSSD ultra-low power consumption makes it an external storage for Android phones, and can be managed through Lexar APP. The new M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 SSD has a measured read speed of 7.5 GMByte/S, which is higher than the 6.5 GBMbyte/S on the market. It is the fastest consumer-level SSD product among PCIe Gen4x4 released so far.

Lexar Professional M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 SSD

Lexar High-Endurance microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-I Card

Lexar USB 3.2 Portable SSD

ag真人反水比例Not to be outdone, embedded storage brand FORESEE joined hands with SMI in launching 1TB UFS 3.0, which can operate on mobile phones after rigorous testing. Further, after just one year, vehicle-grade embedded eMMC products are delivered to vehicle front-end installation clients.


FORESEE Automotive eMMC

ag真人反水比例Mr. Cai said that Longsys defines itself as a storage brand platform, creating stellar products and brands with its craftsmanship. By weathering the fluctuating global market, it continues to enrich the connotations of Lexar high-end consumer storage brand and FORESEE embedded storage brand, providing global clients with high-performance storage innovation products.


CFMS 2019 | FORESEE Auto New Storage Products Released

ag真人反水比例The in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system has a penetration rate of 60% in 2018 in China in lockstep with the development of industrial automation, security monitoring, smart cars, and Internet of Things/ Internet of Vehicles. As IVI system, event data recorders and ADAS systems achieve a greater penetration rate, the automotive storage industry is expected to have greater room for expansion.

Higher environmental tolerance, longer-lasting and stable data retention capabilities, and longer-term service life are the paramount factors for more and more high-standard solution providers when selecting storage solutions.

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出ag真人反水比例Source: Visteon, Essence Securities Research Center


ag真人反水比例By keeping abreast of industry changes and market demands, FORESEE develops industrial grade/automotive-grade products with high environmental reliability, high data endurance and long service life. It ensures the high reliability of storage devices for the system developers in the high-standard industrial intelligence and automotive intelligent electronics fields.


FORESEE’s three lines of automotive storage products are displayed at CFMS 2019: industrial eMMC, Industrial wide-temperature eMMC, Automotive eMMC.

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出


FORESEE’s Industrial  eMMC

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出The firmware program is independently developed by FORESEE. With a capacity of 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB and the operating temperature of -25-85°C, the products have both high performance and stability and excellent environmental reliability. With a designed service life of more than 10 years, it is widely used in such sectors as smart TV, industrial PC, security monitoring, instrument control, and medical applications.


FORESEE’s Industrial wide temperature eMMC

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出ag真人反水比例With a capacity of 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB and working temperature of -40-85°C, it can be applied to such fields as automotive, industrial automation, safety protection, and IT-based emergency disaster relief.

ag真人反水比例The management and control of each link of products – ranging from research and development, design, selection of materials, production, testing to quality control – are subject to rigorous industrial standards to ensure the products’ stable performance in harsh environments; the firmware specifically designed for industrial applications enhances the data retention and service life.


FORESEE’s Automotive eMMC

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出In compliance with AEC-Q100 Grade 3 standard, the products are available in capacities of 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB and an operating temperature of -40-85°C. In addition to high reliability and stability for automotive-grade use scenarios, the company offers sound pre-sales technical support service, 3-year warranty and long-term supply guarantee for more than 3 years escort for the continuous safety use by clients.


The most important use scenarios of automotive-grade eMMC products are IVI system, event data recorders, and assisted driving systems, with a market size of US$19.6 billion in 2018. As the penetration rate increases, the industry will see more space for growth. The global market space is expected to reach US$24.2 billion by 2023.

CFMS2019 | FORESEE汽车存储新品展出

Source: Visteon, Essence Securities Research Center

Regardless of the changes of the times, products are always geared to serving the market. Based on its 8-year development in the storage industry, FORESEE has been developing stellar storage products in combination with industry changes and market demands. It can be said that automotive electronics is the fastest-growing field, with more and more rigorous demands for storage.

ag真人反水比例FORESEE will continue to develop more automotive-grade, industrial-grade products, serve industry customers, and make plans for high-standard industrial markets and automotive electronics markets.

Longsys’ Mini SDP shown at Huawei Connect

Speaking of solid-state drives, most people think of a square box, the common 2.5inch SSD. Compared to traditional mechanical hard drives, it has great improvement in terms of weight, size, noise, read-write speed, and power consumption.


Since the emergence of the world’s first solid-state drive in 1989, SSD is still hugely popular in the market, which demonstrates its value. Judging from the development of SSD in the past 20 years, its capacity and performance are on the rise, but there is no substantial breakthrough except addition of new interfaces (SATA/mSATA/PCIe/M.2).


ag真人反水比例Longsys Mini SDP (SATA Disk in Package) ingeniously integrates the main control, cache and flash memory into one, which is one-tenth the size of traditional SSD (33.4mm x 17.2mm x 1.23mm)!


Can you believe that it is a chunk, no, piece of SSD?


Longsys Mini SDP adopts the latest 3D TLC NAND Flash and SATA6Gbps interface, with capacities of 128GB/256GB/512GB, maximum sequential read-write speed of 560MB/s and 520MB/s, and maximum random read-write 90K.


The product incorporates dozens of patents, including 5 patents for invention, 11 design patents, and 13 utility models. It has obtained patents in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Brazil, mainland China, and Taiwan, and these are all valid.

But the advantage of Mini SDP is not limited to “mini” size. What Longsys does is to surpass your imagination!


1.It is shockproof and durable, protecting data security

In the existing SSD’s circuit modules, circuit components are generally soldered on the circuit board directly, and the connector and the outer casing are assembled, with circuit components directly exposed to the air. It easily gets damp and tainted with dust, compromising the performance of components. This causes the unstable function of SSD.

Longsys Mini SDP adopts packaged colloid structure, in which all electronic components soldered on the circuit board are packaged without gaps, offering better physical protection: dustproof, shockproof, moisture-resistant. It effectively protects data security, making SSD modules more stable and durable.


2.High performance, smooth data transmission, and low power consumption

Despite its small size, Longsys Mini SDP is versatile. Given that it has a standard SATA interface and 2.5-inch housing, it is compatible with all manner of desktops and laptops. It also becomes an external storage device through SATA to USB adapter. Its small size shall not be trifled with!

As can be seen from CrystalDiskInfo, Mini SDP supports NCQ, TRIM, and S.M.A.R.T like ordinary SSD.



ag真人反水比例Mini SDP is a good performer in CrystalDiskMark software, with a read speed of 560MB/s and a write speed of 520MB/s.


Moreover, SoC integrated package also greatly reduces Mini SDP’s power consumption, with a peak power consumption of only 2w, which is at least half of the traditional SSD, in addition to better heat dissipation performance.



  1. Shorter production cycle reduces production cost


To produce SSD in the traditional method, the control integrated circuit grains and the memory integrated circuit grains are packaged into the control chip and memory chip, which are then soldered to the circuit board together with all components. It has a long production cycle, and high costs.

Longsys Mini SDP adopts SoC integrated package, integrating all components such as NAND Flash chip, main control chip, power chip, reset chip and crystal oscillator clock chip, which vastly simplifies the manufacturing process of SSD. It has an opening which has the same size as the interface structure of standard SATA. In this way, SSD storage module can be directly installed into the standard SATA storage interface through the opening, thus simplifying assembly process. Production time of Mini SDP’s finished product is shorter than traditional SSD by 14 days, helping customers to deliver quickly and slashing production costs.


  1. Simple and fast installation, and better yield

The circuit modules of the traditional SSD must be assembled in factories due to technical requirements, resulting in inflexible production. However, if the assembly is made manually at the sales counter, the assembly quality cannot be guaranteed, compromising the production yield.

Thanks to the integrated package, assembly can be made by placing Longsys Mini SDP in the card slot and affixing it to a 2.5 inch SSD housing. This can also be made by non-professionals. Because of this, the assembly speed of Mini SDP is faster than general SSD by far. “Office is Factory” can be achieved easily, while the product quality can be effectively guaranteed.


ag真人反水比例At Huawei Connect held on September 18-20 and the Flash Summit on September 19, the technical staff performed the CKD operation on the Mini SDP, which is both surprising and curious for the visitors. We believe that Mini SDP is beyond the imagination of the industry due to its many advantages. Do you have a new understanding of SSD?

Huawei Connect 2019| Double brands drive the quality storage “chip”


Huawei Connect 2019 with the theme of “A New Height for Intelligence” was opened in Shanghai on September 18, 2019. Global ICT industry giants, pioneer companies, technology heavy hitters, and business leaders gathered at the event discussion and exchanges about the present and future.

As a supplier of Huawei, Longsys shared technical achievements and experience in brand operation with industry chain partners, striving to promote the establishment of a harmonious and win-win industrial ecosystem and better cope with the international market changes and the challenges of digital and smart transformation.

ag真人反水比例Longsys’ high-end consumer storage brand Lexar + debut of built-in storage brand FORESEE’s 20-plus products + patented products + personalized service (Booth No.: Hall2 2-C6)

ag真人反水比例With the dual-brand development and a focus on the global market, it develops storage consumer applications and industry applications – high performance / large capacity / multi-packaging / high stability. It meets the various storage applications. On-site experience is even better!

Of the many exhibits, Mini SDP (SATA Disk in Package) pioneered by Longsys caught the limelight. Incorporating dozens of patents, the product has the size of a coin (33.4mm x 17.2mm x 1.23mm) thanks to integrated packaging, a significant breakthrough in the traditional manufacturing process and business model of SSD. The product delivery time is shortened to save production cost for the customers and cut inventory risks. At the exhibition, we performed the CKD operation demonstration which attracted many visitors.

FORESEE’s new product 2.5inch SSD S802 in 2019 showed impressive performance. Using eTLC flash memory, this product has high total write capacity for data, with sequential read and write speeds of 550MB/s / 500MB/s and high erase-write numbers. It can meet the needs of long-term continuous photography, and can be applied to DVR, monitoring, data centers, servers, etc. It is a key support product for FORESEE to enter the security and protection market.

According to the new CFexpress 2.0 standards set by the CompactFlash Association, Lexar also launched CFexpress 2.0 Cardag真人反水比例 with Type B interface. The product’s read-write speeds reach 1750 MB/s and 1000MB/s, meeting the needs of professional photographers and photography buffs for high-definition photography.

At the conference, the head of Lexar delivered a speech entitled “Storage Brand, Smart Innovationag真人反水比例”, sharing a new perspective on the production quality management of products and the brand growth and operation. The speaker interpreted the current IC industry from an international perspective, and explored how to inject value and vitality into storage brands, seeking long-term development for enterprises and even the entire IC industry chain.


On the third day of the conference (September 20), the head of Longsys’ built-in brand FORESEE also delivered a keynote speech entitled “Longsys’ New Plan for Storage”.

Whether it is geared to businesses or consumers, products and services are always the paramount factors for improving brand competitiveness. Longsys always puts reliable quality first, and is committed to innovative technology and development of high-end products, providing stellar storage solutions and worry-free services for more consumers and businesses worldwide. It enhances product quality and brand value and makes new progress in storage “chip”.

COMPUTEX2019 | Longsys officially launched automotive-grade eMMC!

ag真人反水比例The 2019 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX TAIPEI) was grandly opened on the 28th. Longsys Electronics also held a product showcase and officially released automotive-grade eMMC products.

Longsys Electronics’ automotive eMMC products range from 8GB to 128GB and other mainstream capacity, including industrial wide temperature (-40-85°C) and automotive grade (AEC-Q104 Grade3) two product grades, officially entered the industrial control market and automotive OEM market .

Among them, the industrial wide temperature eMMC products offer 8GB, 16GB, 32GB three capacity options, will start to provide customer samples in June, and officially mass production in the third quarter.

ag真人反水比例Longsys Electronics’ automotive-grade eMMC products will sample in September and begin mass production in the fourth quarter, which will continue to enrich product capacity and specifications.

ag真人反水比例Before the official release of the automotive-grade eMMC products, Longsys industrial-grade eMMC series products have been shipped in bulk for over one and a half years in automotive after-loading products. Millions of industrial-grade eMMC products have undergone complete verification of spring, summer, autumn and winter gas changes, as well as rigorous testing and market testing of products at all stages of the customer. The actual product defect rate is far below 50DPPM.

Longsys automotive eMMC products are designed and verified according to the requirements of AEC-Q104. The designed service life is more than 10 years, and the manufacturing process strictly complies with the requirements of IATF16949 system.

Longsys deepens cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers in Taiwan, future business growth can be expected.

Longsys Electronics is a leading manufacturer of flash memory storage in mainland China. Recently, in addition to vigorously expanding non-consumer products, it also acquired Lexar brand from Micron, to expand its downstream outlets. Vice president of sales Kevin Wang pointed out that Longsys will continue to deepen its cooperative relationship with Taiwan’s packaging and testing plants and customers, exerting the effect of one plus one over two, and with the continued expansion of the memory market, future business growth will be possible.

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CES2018: Longsys will continue to expand the depth and breadth of their products and markets

ag真人反水比例The CES (Consumer Electronics Show), an annual global consumer electronics event gathering the cutting-edge technologies from all walks of life, is held as scheduled (January 9-12, 2018) in Las Vegas, USA. Besides the press conference of all kinds of latest digital products, many new technologies including 5G communications, AI, VR / AR and various intelligent technologies, etc. have also drawn the attention of consumers worldwide.

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